I am interested in joining your fully distributed, start up team to offer my skills towards, not only onboarding and educating new Swan Bitcoiners, but also taking your social media to the next level. 

I recently applied for your Social Content Specialist (Video) opportunity and was advised that you were looking to hire a social media manager. I want to step into this position and officially make myself available to this position and be a part of the conversation.


  • I have a deep understanding of bitcoin
  • I have over 5 years of experience producing content for social media
  • I have strong analytics skills understanding how to optimise advertising campaigns at the ad set, landing page and conversion levels
  • I have advanced image and video editing skills which you will see in the example videos below
  • I have a good general knowledge of Search Engine Optimization, some experience with multi-social posting services and am ready to put the time into becoming a HubSpot expert
  • I have relevant experience determining target audiences and how to create marketing campaigns to capture attention and am delivering results to clients right now as you can see below
  • I am an excellent communicator so I will be able to assist team members and simultaneously work directly on social media initiatives
Example Social Media Video
(30 second spec ad for Blockstream Mining)
Example social media video
(15 second spec ad for Blockstream Jade Hardware Wallet)

I am very familiar with all social media platforms and believe that my skills in video editing would be a huge difference maker in engaging and growing your audiences. If you provide me with a target I can leverage my skills and social media knowledge to get you there. One of my local clients recently experience a 630% return on advertising spend through a social media video campaign I designed an executed.

I have the skills and drive to oversee day-to-day management of campaigns and ensure brand consistency. I have a demonstrated ability in scaling brand and company awareness through social media channels. My attention to detail will ensure brand consistency in copy through tone, voice, and terminology.

I will supervise all aspects of social media interaction between customers and the company to ensure a positive customer service experience. I am ready to create actionable plans to both grow and maintain followers through popular social media platforms.

I have experience employing a data-driven approach on all platforms with analytics tools.

After understanding your goals as a company I would be excited to oversee the creation and implementation of a social media editorial calendar.

I would use my skills in image and video generation to promote events and product launches across social media platforms and in the long run I would love to be at these events and capture them live! I am most excited though to promote and contribute towards Swan educational content 

I am deeply passionate about Bitcoin, utilising every spare moment to learn from the greats such as Saifedean, Breedlove, Livera and more. I have even created my own ‘shitposting’ persona on Twitter, merging my two great loves. You can follow me at @bitcoinjiujitsu. 

I am always looking for solutions that encourage Bitcoin principles and want nothing more than to work for a Bitcoin only company, like Swan Bitcoin.

I hope you enjoy the videos I placed here and I look forward to hearing from you.