I am interested in joining your fully distributed, start up team to offer my skills towards, not only onboarding and educating new Swan Bitcoiners, but also taking your social channels to the next level. 

I edit high quality and tasteful videos with new content and existing libraries of content and have included some custom made video examples for Swan Bitcoin below. 

I am very familiar with the 8 core principles of Youtube SEO and would aim to increase engagement with simple and beautiful thumbnails, annotated videos and considered video length for high viewer retention. 

As an entrepreneur who has been offering integrated digital marketing and video production for the past 8 years, I have worked on a contract basis producing live action video solutions for companies such as Red Bull, Hugo Boss, Salesforce and Solar Retailers.

Due to the extended lockdown we’ve experienced here in Sydney (Australia) I have broadened my skill set and my sights, empowered by Bitcoins’ decentralised principles. I am very media-savvy and ready to produce content for blogs, record live conversations and even spend time online educating my fellow plebs. 

I am deeply passionate about Bitcoin, utilising every spare moment to learn from the greats such as Saifedean, Breedlove, Livera and more. I have even created my own ‘shitposting’ persona on Twitter, merging my two great loves. You can follow me at @bitcoinjiujitsu. 

I am always looking for solutions that encourage Bitcoin principles and want nothing more than to work for a Bitcoin only company, like Swan Bitcoin.

I hope you enjoy the videos I placed here and I look forward to hearing from you.