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☀️ There’s never been a better time than now to use content + digital marketing to grow your solar installation business ☀️

👈 Watch this free training on how you could use targeted traffic and video that sells to grow your company

You’ll need to:

✅  Develop and launch an edu-tainment ad campaign targeting your ideal client online

✅  Create a video that sells to convert website traffic into consultations 

✅  Track, optimise and scale the campaign to achieve your goals

Solar Installers are missing out with demand for their services higher than ever and powerful communication technology they’re still failing to:

Develop a predictable lead channel for your offering that makes the biggest impact for their business and clients 

Develop a repeatable closing process that leverages video edu-tainment content and online scheduling to get you more sales opportunities

Duplicate these process and scale so they can be the business owner they’ve always dreamed of being instead of the do-it-all business operator. 

Without your own commercial campaign how are prospects supposed to know, like or trust your company? How are prospects supposed to tell the difference between your offer and the hundreds of other providers? Don’t get caught up competing on price and stop wasting time on the phone with prospects doing their provider comparisons. 


On a new landing page on your website host and manage the distribution of a value video that will serve as your best salesman. Extoll your companies differentiating factors, most impactful offer, payback potentials and the transformational value that your company brings that makes your offer a no brainer. 


And the way the numbers work is that you will pay by click for people to watch the video, as long as you keep those numbers beneath an established maximum cost per acquisition for each sale that you get then you will be acquiring new clients profitably, rinse and repeat all day long every single week. 


The value of your client acquisition machine is in its ability to bring you sales opportunities. 

Targeted Traffic 

Video That Sells

Conversions  & Retargeting

My name is Jesse and I use commercial campaigns to help solar experts grow. Through creating unique content, digital marketing strategy and implementation you will be found by more people that they can really help, educate and inspire individuals to take action, have better sales interactions with prospects that are speaking your language and now see your company as a leader and authority. 

Get a digital partner to create a channel for your business that can be used as a vehicle for growth. You only pay when prospects choose to interact with your business. You only get on the phone with serious prospects who have viewed your edu-tainment content and filled in your application. Continue to strategically and economically share your transformation on social channels to those that don’t book a call so that they can mature into buyers. The effectiveness of the channels I set up for your business in bringing your more closed business is what my transformation lives and dies by. Results for your business are the only things that matter when working with me.

All residential consumers start their solar transformation searching for answers and information online. Engage, educate and entertain your prospects when they are seeking answers. Digital marketing lets you track every dollar spent, the geographical location and age of all visitors so that data can be used to optimise your campaign. Keep your leads warm by including a social media strategy with timely sponsored posts. 

I’d like to get 15 minutes of your time on the phone to talk to you about how you are providing value to your customers, and how I can do the same for you. 

I promise I won’t waste your time. If you are open to exploring some ideas, just hit reply and let me know a few good times to chat, or you can book a time with the link below

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