I want to connect with you to open a dialogue and offer my services to supercharge your brand engagement across your social media and marketing channels.

I would be excited to get the opportunity to contribute to your social media output and tactical marketing initiatives, working directly with your team to deliver brilliant work.

I have the skills to turn Fast Bitcoins business narratives, service features and current events into engaging twitter/instagram/youtube content which achieve results and educate the community. I am a highly competent video editor, content creator and meme maker.

I spent the weekend putting together some videos that could be the genesis of your youtube page that will help educate potential customers and grow trust in Fast Bitcoins. (Videos are unlisted and for Fast Bitcoin’s eyes only)

I would love to get the opportunity to speak with you on what your company goals are and how I can help you to achieve them. You can book a call with me with the button below or just reach out to jesse.m.jaco@gmail.com

I am based in Sydney Australia.

☎️ Strategy Session

Let’s get on the same page as far as; where you are right now, the challenges you face and where you want to go. We can get into the nitty gritty of who we are talking to, the consumer problem and insights to unlock opportunities. That’s what this call is all about. 

📷 Lights Camera Action

Now it’s my turn to put your new product strategy into production with commercial planning, videography and editing. Then I dig even deeper to launch your campaign and video sales funnel.

📈 Skin in the Game

I manage your digital campaign day to day, tracking and reporting conversions to ensure the best results.

I have a deep passion for Bitcoin and consider myself a benevolent Bitcoin Maximalist. I am a first class Bitcoin citizen running my own node. There is nothing I want more than to work with Bitcoin only companies, to stack non-kyc Bitcoin and NEVER SELL A SINGLE SAT! Your can track my interactions with the pleb nation on twitter here @bitcoinjiujitsu

I hope you enjoy the demonstration content I generated from just the information on your website and hope to hear from you.