I’m keen to work alongside your marketing team as your social media manager. I believe I can implement effective strategies and content to grow your audiences across your social media accounts and am your expert on social media best practices across channels.

With my initial research I have identified new opportunities for Blockstream to improve online presence including, looking at potential new platforms and leveraging the use of video content like what I have custom produced for you below. I am ready to advise executives on their social content and can package existing content into palatable social posts.

I am a specialist at condensing research and product information into succinct, easy to understand content, particularly in video. 

I have many years of social media content creation experience. Just this last month I delivered a 630% return in online advertising with one of my local clients. I also have experience creating social media content for larger tech companies such as Red Hat and Sales Force and fashion publishers like Marie Claire.

Blockstream Jade Video Ad (Twitter/Instagram)
Blockstream MIning Video Ad (Twitter/Instagram)

I am a massive Bitcoin fan. I run my own node and hold a silly amount of hot and cold wallets. I wrecked myself on alts in 2017 but am “born again”, spending hours everyday listening to thought leaders in the space and sharing orange pill knowledge online. As such I am seriously familiar with the Bitcoin community on Twitter. I believe I am developing an excellent understanding of Bitcoin and consider myself to be a benevolent Bitcoin maximalist. 

I am punctual and am an excellent interpersonal communicator, a team player and thoughtful collaborator who is always open to feedback and new ideas.

I hope you enjoy the videos I’ve included for you and I look forward to hearing from you.