I want to apply to be your community manager and join your team to supercharge your European brand engagement across your social media and marketing channels.

I am a self-starter with a creative mind ready to develop, execute, measure and manage impactful commercial campaigns in line with Bitcoin Reserve’s business goals.

I’m excited to get the opportunity to take ownership of social media output and tactical marketing initiatives, working directly with Nik as well as your current design and marketing staff to deliver brilliant work. I am comfortable working independently and collaborating with team members online across multiple time zones.

Example piece to camera example video featuring yours truly 😇

I have the skills to turn Bitcoin Reserve’s business narratives, service features and current events into engaging social and email content which achieve results and nurture the community. I am a highly competent video editor, content creator and meme maker.

Social Media Example Video, elements pulled from http://www.bitcoinreserve.com

I would look forward to working within a fast-moving, fast-growing small business, taking on responsibility and being given the independence to thrive.

I always deliver projects on time and have a great ability to collaborate and manage relationships both internally and external to the company.

Results from a local social media video campaign I created

I have a deep passion for bitcoin and consider myself a benevolent Bitcoin Maximalist. I am a first class Bitcoin citizen running my own node. There is nothing I want more than to work for a Bitcoin only company, to stack non-kyc bitcoin to put into my cold storage and NEVER SELL A SINGLE SAT! Your can track my interactions with the pleb nation on twitter @bitcoinjiujitsu

I believe in freedom and hold multiple passports. My partner and I are currently planning a move to Portugal in the next two years in pursuit of more self sovereignty. I am highly organized, emotionally mature, adaptable and a do whatever it takes problem solver. I was able to register for and intend to use your service from Australia.

I hope you enjoy the demonstration content I generated from just the information on your website and hope to hear from you.