I am interested in joining your team as your remote full time marketing designer to help magnify your brand through your online presence.

I am able to create marketing campaigns for your variety of Bitcoin only products for your audiences across every social media channel. I will create effective product marketing ads, strategies and report to the Head of Growth.

I am a self-sufficient one stop shop for all social media marketing campaigns. I have experience in copy editing, digital marketing and graphic design. I am also a master of video production.

I always deliver projects on time. I have a great ability to collaborate and work constructively. I am alway proactive in my approach to creating and bring a “what ever it takes” attitude towards providing solutions. I am able to analyse data to draw conclusions and make recommendations.

I have a deep passion for Bitcoin and the community and consider myself a benevolent Bitcoin Maximalist. I am a first class Bitcoin citizen running my own node.

This most recent lockdown really hammered home that there is nothing I want more than to work remotely for a Bitcoin only company, to stack non-kyc Bitcoin to put into my cold storage and NEVER SELL A SINGLE SAT! Your can track my interactions with the pleb nation on twitter here @bitcoinjiujitsu

I believe in freedom and hold multiple passports 🇦🇺+🇪🇺. I am highly organized, emotionally mature, adaptable and a solid multi-tasker. I am always open to feedback and take full ownership of responsibilities and tasks I am charged with.

I hope you enjoy the demonstration content I generated from just the information on your website and hope to hear from you.