I want to connect with you to open a dialogue and offer my services to supercharge your brand engagement across your social media and marketing channels.

I would be excited to get the opportunity to take ownership of your social media output and tactical marketing initiatives, working directly with your team to deliver brilliant work.

I have the skills to turn Bitaroo’s business narratives, service features and current events into engaging twitter/instagram/youtube content which achieve results and educate the community. I am a highly competent video editor, content creator and meme maker.

I always deliver projects on time and have a great ability to collaborate and manage relationships both internally and external to the company. I am based in sydney.

Example Bitaroo educational video
Example Bitaroo social ad

I have a deep passion for Bitcoin and consider myself a benevolent Bitcoin Maximalist. I am a first class Bitcoin citizen running my own node. This most recent lockdown really hammered home that there is nothing I want more than to work for a Bitcoin only company, to stack non-kyc Bitcoin to put into my cold storage and NEVER SELL A SINGLE SAT! Your can track my interactions with the pleb nation on twitter here @bitcoinjiujitsu

I believe in freedom and hold multiple passports. I am highly organized, emotionally mature, adaptable and a do whatever it takes problem solver. I am a budding Bitaroo user, making my way across from Coinspot.

I hope you enjoy the demonstration content I generated from just the information on your website and hope to hear from you.